How to Better Promote Your App through Updates

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In the mobile app development and creation world, updates are well-known and used often. They are a great way to promote apps because you are doing the user a favour providing the update. Due to the law of reciprocity, they are much more receptive to your promotion after you have just provided them with something of value.

Here are some great reasons and techniques for promoting your app with updates.

Keeps Users Engaged and Happy

Engagement is the most important factor in keeping your app relevant and profitable. Often, a user will purchase an app, use it for a while and then move on to the next “bright, shiny object.” Regular updates can turn your app into that “bright shiny object” they are looking for and keep them using it.

The longer your buyers use your app, the more money you will make off of that app. If you have in-app advertising, it is especially important to keep ad revenue flowing. But it is just as important to keep updating an app so that it remains “fresh” and in the public eye.

App Store Optimisation

When the App Store optimises your app, the “what’s new” section on your page is now being assigned nearly as much “juice” as your description page. If the shopper is using an iPad, the updates automatically show up on their screen. The end result is that you can use the first few lines of “what’s new” to tell prospective buyers that your app is being constantly improved.

Incidentally, this works the same in Google Play, but even better; the “What’s New” display has its own tab right below the description.

The Mechanics of Releasing and Promoting Updates

When you are fixing a bug, you may want to just do it quietly. But when you are going to provide a new feature, which means something of value, then you want to go all out to promote your added value.

Use Old Promo Codes to Create New Buyers

Just before a major update, use social media such as Facebook and Twitter to give away old promo codes. Say a major update is coming and offer those who don’t yet have the app an opportunity to use an old promo code to buy the new, improved, updated app.

Establish a Release Date

You will want to create a firm release date to create interest and anticipation. You can ask the App Store to “hold for developer release” on a certain date. If possible, submit the update at least three weeks before the release date.

Promote the [Bleep] Out of the Release Date

If You Have a Blog, Write an Update Post

If you are serious about your apps, you should have a blog for each app or at least a company blog if your apps are all of a similar theme. This will be an easy post because it is the same information you already put up in your What’s New posts at the App Store and Google Play. Talk about each new feature and why you made the improvement. Put in a couple of screenshots and you have an effective post.

Social Media

At the bare minimum, you should be on both Facebook and Twitter. Use both to announce and describe your updates. If you are good at it or work with someone who is, do a “slow build” and create anticipation in the weeks leading up to the update. This is like a mini-product launch and can be extremely helpful.

Other Media

If you know other bloggers or even journalists who think your update is newsworthy, make sure to reach out to them. You can also put out a press release about your update to generate more publicity.

If You Don’t Have an App Yet…

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