How Parents Can Make Their Android Devices Child-Friendly

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While keeping up on mobile apps industry news, we ran across a nice little piece instructing parents how to make android devices child-friendly. This piece is not only important for parents, but it is also very relevant to android apps builders and developers.

In today’s era of niches and specialisation, it is more important than it has ever been to listen to your customers and prospective customers, figure out what their problems are, and then create products to help them solve those problems. Parental control could be a fine niche for aspiring or experienced Android apps developer.

The only current default methods of preventing inappropriate use of an Android mobile device children are using a PIN to protect your Google Play Store account, and setting up an extra user account in the Settings > Users menu on newer Android devices. While this can keep the child from running up apps on your credit card with your account, it does not keep them from creating a new account and downloading apps.

There are multiple levels of protection and locking that you can achieve through simple apps. First, you could employ a basic sandbox lock, which disables the phone until you re-enable it. These work very well for toddlers who grab your phone and start pushing buttons. The next level is a sandbox with interactive games for your toddler. These can take the form of storybooks or learning apps, and they are sandboxed away from your operating system. Two very popular sandbox apps are Toddler Lock and BaRattle Toy.

For older kids, you’ll probably want to give them a partial access. A very popular and easy app for partial access is Famigo Sandbox. This app allows you to choose what apps your child can access. If you would like a more comprehensive access app, try Sandbox Kids Corner. For a more detailed description of how to do it yourself, read our source article from

If you are an Android app developer, and have an idea for a parental control app, contact us today. Parental control is an “evergreen niche;” there will always be parents who need to keep their kids from accessing their smartphones. Remember: making a successful app is all about solving problems.

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