How Mobile App Development has Made Traveling Easier

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The field of mobile app development has made many of the processes associated with traveling a lot easier than they used to be. The power and convenience of smartphones has revolutionised travel, especially business travel. Thanks to smartphones, travel, hospitality and logistics have become much more simple than they used to be. Here are five ways mobile app development has made it easier on travelers.

A Lot Less Paper

Ten years ago, think of all the paper you had to carry around for a trip. You needed paper tickets, boarding passes, maps, a travel itinerary and credit cards. Now, at the very least, you can access maps and store your itinerary on your smartphone. With the right app, you can check in, board your flight and pay for it with your smartphone.

An app called TripIt Planner can handle your entire itinerary, from transport to meeting times. It is available offline, so being in a “dead spot” won’t keep you from accessing your schedule. An app called LoungeBuddy tells you where the lounges are in any airport, allowing you to relax and take care of “loose ends.” There are also apps to help you find the lowest fare on short notice.

Digital Hotel Room Key

If you are a frequent traveler, it is safe to say that you have probably lost your hotel key at least once. The last thing you want to do after checking in and getting settled is lose your room key. Some hotels are starting to offer a service called “Virtual Key” on their hotel apps, which allow you to access your room and the parking lot from your smartphone.

You can also check into your room, bypassing the lines at the front desk. Once you are checked in, you can access any of the amenities such as pools, the fitness centre or the business centre.

This is currently available in the US via the Hilton chain. If there’s one thing we can be sure of, it’s that digital key will be available here, too.


Thanks to Google Maps and other navigation programs, including the new version of Apple Maps that will be part of iOS 9, you can pretty much go to any town or city and find whatever you need, just punching the address in. There are many apps that will help you find restaurants, entertainment and hotels, too.

More From Hilton International
We know this is mostly a US app, but there is probably a need for an app just like this one here in Australia. The HHonors app from Hilton allows users to look at floor diagrams of rooms, select the rooms they prefer from those that aren’t yet booked and check in as early as 6am the day before the arrival date.

After you have checked in, you can request upgrades and amenities such as room service. When it’s time to go, you can check out. If you want to, you can never even bother to talk to the front desk. This saves hotels on labour and makes it easy for travelers.

More Wifi

It is becoming easier and easier to find a Wifi connection for those who aren’t getting internet from their phone service providers. Tablet or laptop users like this, too. We know this isn’t an app, but it is a way our lives are simpler now.

What it Means to You

We truly hope that you are inspired just reading about this. If you are thinking like a mobile app developer and travel is your niche, you should be excited. There are a lot of possibilities here. Maybe you would like to develop an app for hotels like Hilton’s HHonors. Imagine being able to offer single owner hotels the same technology as a major chain has.

Do you like any particular kind of cuisine or entertainment? There are numerous opportunities to develop your own travel app.

If you have an idea for an app, we may be able to put you in touch with investors. To learn more, visit our contact page or call us today: 0417 150 796.