How Apps are Propelling Business

Has your business resisted mobile app development so far? If you have, congratulations: you are one step closer to being a dinosaur. Pay close attention, because these 350 words could be the most important words you ever read.

It’s no secret that, globally, nationally and locally, business is more competitive than it has been in the history of modern civilisation. Every business is busy looking for an “edge” in the marketplace. In this era, that includes mobile apps. Mobile apps for business allow employees to work on their mobile devices in a “virtual office.” This improves collaboration and engagement among employees. It also reduces costs and increases revenues.

The Numbers

According to a survey Forrester Research which is called the “Forrsights Global Workforce Benchmark Survey Q4 2013,” 56% of workers in Australia and New Zealand feel that they cannot do their job without a smartphone. 67% believe that their smartphone increases their productivity, while 61% say that it makes their jobs easier.

Uses for Mobile Apps in Business

Apps are providing information in real time for employees in many different positions. Expenses and inventories can be managed while on the move, POS systems can be accessed through smartphones and tablets. Up to the minute sales and revenue data can be shared through apps. Internal communication improves greatly.

Most of all, mobile apps can provide instant communication and response for any employee, anywhere at any time. This provides ultimate flexibility and turns a clunky, outdated system into a cutting-edge business environment.

What It Means to You

Simply put: your competition is using mobile apps to gain a competitive edge in your market. They are doing things faster and saving money while doing it. They are keeping their costs down and their revenues up while making their employees happier and more engaged than yours are.

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