How A Mobile App Can Help Your Business

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Mobile apps tap into a new digital marketing channel that is  growing at a faster rate than traditional browser based websites. Once your app is in the marketplace (App store) you have access to a larger pool of customers 24/7 in locations previously not available.

Push notifications – Pushing a message via an app to a subscriber is a very powerful tool for almost any business when used to promote special offers and news.

Apps are native to the device and can tap into the advanced functionality of the mobile device. Think of things like GPS tracking, cameras and scanning and how they can be used to enhance the end user experience.

Apps offer significant branding advantages. Once a user has your app on their device they are exposed to your logo almost every time they go looking for something on their device.

A Few Examples –

Almost any business that produces a product brochure can benefit from an app.

Real estate agents can promote listings, auctions, editorial content, special events. During the sales process they can keep the client informed of negotiations.

Transport companies can use apps to scan and track freight. Monitor drivers progress and identify inefficiencies.

Service companies can use apps to get instant data from staff in the field, quotes, invoices and assist with diagnostics.

Mini private networks can be created with an app allowing staff to communicate and exchange data free of cost.

A cafe might use an app to promote menu specials to regular clients.

Apps can be used to demonstrate products and services,  highlight advantages and savings to help increase sales.

An app is a great tool to manage sales prospects and keep notes.

In summary.

  • Apps can be feature rich and utilize phone features easily
  • Apps are great for branding & communication
  • Apps maintain the phones standard look and feel
  • Apps open the door to new marketing channels
  • Apps can work when not connected to the internet
  • There is a well defined method to monetize apps

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