Games = Money

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Finding something that appeals to the mass market that is average can certainly make you a lot of money, think KFC, Mcdonalds (its not great food but it has mass appeal), creating a popular app will make you a fortune, no maybe’s about it. Take a look at the download volumes below and you can see one common theme, games mean big downloads and big money. The good news for the average guy on the street is that you don’t need a massive budget to break into this market, you just need a good idea and some good advice and the drive to get the ball rolling.

Its predicted that in the near future Apple will make more money from apps than it will from music, games are going to be a major portion of the revenue, the iPhone / iPad is now the number one selling “games” platform in the world with well over 200 million devices sold.

FACT – The app “The Heist” dethroned Angry Birds and made $300,000 in just 7 days, pretty impressive revenue considering it sells for just 99 cents!

Angry Birds has expanded to the point they now have a chain of offline stores selling the Angry Birds merchandise!

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