Four Great Security Apps for iPhone and iPad

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If you are an iPhone, iPad, or Android app builder or developer, or you are thinking of becoming one, it may be helpful to pay close attention to these new security-based apps for iPhone and iPad.

Making a popular app isn’t about reinventing the wheel; it’s about figuring out what is popular, what people need in that niche, and giving it to them. In that spirit, if you can learn anything or become inspired from these four apps, give us a call.

Find My iPhone

If you lose your iPhone, or any iOS device from iPod to Mac, you can track it with Find my iPhone. Among its features: you can sound a 2-minute alarm, send a custom message on the screen, or sterilise your mobile device of personal data if the situation looks dire.

In the “lost mode,” you can make it remotely show your phone number on the screen, encouraging the finder to call you, so you can have your device back.


GadgetTrak is similar to Find My iPhone, but it works on Android, iOS, and even Blackberry devices, from phones to tablets. It uses a combination of wi-fi, GPS, and cell towers to find your device with pinpoint accuracy. It also has the same alarm and remote data wipe capabilities of Find My iPhone. In addition, it has secure encrypted backup of data, and SIM change detection, which tells you if another number has been linked to your device.


This is a privacy app which allows you to send downloads to your library while cloaking the transaction. You can hide all of your accounts, and transfer pretty much any data you wish wirelessly. There is also a “boss button” for those of you who like to play on your phones at work.

Safe Eyes Mobile

Parents rejoice! If you want to let your kids have a smartphone, but protect them from what you consider inappropriate content, then Safe Eyes Mobile is your ticket to paradise. Some of the things you can block: violence, pornography, obscenity, and inappropriate websites.

You can also use the app to put a time limit on your child’s usage of any device.

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