Florida School System Develops Apps for Tracking Students

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Like many school systems, Flagler County has had myriad problems with absenteeism in their local high school.  Thanks to modern technology though, school personnel can now track students through an iOS app called “Who R You.”

The app allows teachers and staff to keep information of students, such as their schedules, photos, and parents contact information, in their iPads. This allows teachers and staff to keep track of students, and direct them back to where they should belong when they are lost or trying to skip classes.

Flagler County’s senior program analyst, Mark Saltmarsh, created the app, and it is one of many he has created through the Flagler County technology department for teachers, staff members, and students.  The apps were downloaded to a limited number of devices, but Saltmarsh hopes to see the apps used on a county-wide basis soon.

Saltmarsh has developed other apps, such as one called “Flagler News.”  Flagler News is available on iPad through the iStore, and will soon be available for iPhone too. This app aims to keep parents updated of school news.

Another app was created in the style of a game show, and is designed to help students study for tests.  This app allows students to respond to questions through iTouch devices.

Another app is called peCoach, and helps Physical Education teachers keep track of the accomplishments of their students in fitness exercises.  The app was made especially for the President’s Challenge, which is a national fitness program for both adults and children.  The app is said to save a lot of time and paper for PE teachers.

We see these apps as another great example of the opportunity that is out there for app developers. The apps are a classic example of business marketing 101: find a problem, solve it, and monetise the solution. We don’t know if there is any monetisation going on in this case, but it is easy to see the potential here.

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