Ever Wondered What THE Next Big Thing Is?

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The era of the iBeacon and Google’s Eddystone has arrived. The new iPhone and Android feature can change businesses, strategies and concepts. Imagine a member of your target audience entering a store and finding him or herself in a whirlwind of brands, choices and options. What if you could communicate to that particular person at just that time, coming with a useful tip when you are needed most? What if you could deliver your business specials / services and products directly to the user, at the sacred so-called Zero Moment of Truth? Yes, that’s iBeacon and now Google’s new “Eddystone”.


For businesses – the task here is pretty clear – think how you can affect the potential customer in motion with a useful piece of content. Say, your potential customer enters a grocery store. What is he or she up to? Right – recipes, nutrition, health products. Why not deliver an alert about better prices, or a new healthy food advice? Sniper-targeted useful information, affecting your potential customer, driving him to buy your product – isn’t that what every business dreams of?

A part of Apple’s iOS 8, iBeacon uses Bluetooth location-based technology to allow a special sensor to communicate with a neardevice. The technology can enhance shopping experience in many ways. As customers walk through different parts of the store, relevant information can be delivered to them. Some possibilities of the iBeacon are already being tested Citi Field in Queens, N.Y., greeting the visitors with hot-dog coupons and delivering interesting facts on the places of interest, as they walk by.

iBeacon works great for B2B as well. Businesses can discover the massive possibilities of the technology at large events/fairs/conferences, where information flow is crucial. Say, your company is attending CeBIT and you want attendees to know you’re there having a giveout/seminar/presentation. Engaging with the target audience right when professionals are seeking to attend an event like yours is an opportunity you cannot afford to miss out. Here are some more takeouts:

  • Company profile/product info delivered to your potential customer
  • Direct communication established with decision makers.
  • Navigation both internal and external
  • Useful advice delivered at the right time to get the potential partners into the sales funnel.
  • Your marketing efficiency multiplied.
  • Asset Tracking

The sky is the limit for interactive tech like NFC when it comes to delivering whatever you’d like to deliver. No matter how technologies change, how advanced the strategies get, there is still the great fundamental rule – quality content is king.

Smarterapps offers a range of Near Field Communication (NFC) solutions for your business, including the iBeacon and Eddystone technology. Let this exciting new fundamental trend drive your business to success!