Does Your Business App Have Push Notifications?

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If you are a mobile app developer or business owner, you know it’s important to be able to communicate with users to offer incentives, updates, premium content and new products. This is how you create more revenue. One of the oldest and truest adages in business is that it’s easier to sell to a current user who has already spent money than it is to sell to a stranger.

Getting an app onto someone’s mobile device is only half the battle. The other half is maximising revenue from your app’s users. One of the best ways to communicate with clients is using push notifications.

If you are an android app developer, push notifications are even more useful because they show up prominently with your app’s icon in your status bar.

What is a push notification?

For our purposes, a push notification is the delivery or “pushing” of information from a server to a mobile device. It is called a push notification to differentiate it from a pull notification, in which the user has to “pull” the message or notification from the server to the mobile device. Here are three great benefits of having push notifications on your app.

Direct Marketing

If a user opts in for push notifications after downloading your app, that user is saying it’s OK for you to market to him or her directly. A great example of this is a golf course, which could offer you a discount for play on slow days or let you know when they are having a sale on golf items. If your restaurant is having a slow day, you can create an offer such as 25% off the entire check.

High Read and Clickthrough Rates

If you have ever tried email marketing, you may know that the average open rate is 14%. For push notifications, the “read” rate can be as high as 50% and people are more likely to click through.

Increase Retention

The more your app interacts with the user, the longer they will keep the app. According to industry figures, the 90-day retention rate for an app with push notifications is almost twice that of apps that don’t have push notifications.

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