Do Your Research: Tips for Determining and Researching Your Niche

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We have said numerous times here that the way to become a successful iOS or Android app developer is to find a niche, find a problem and solve it. One of the most important aspects of this process is to do your research. Good research can be the difference between an app that goes nowhere and one that catches on and provides a very nice income.

There are two main mistakes that fledgling app creators make. The first is to create an app that nobody wants. The second is to create an app that someone else already created. Neither of these situations ends very well for the mobile app developer.

The app creation market is a unique market. It is one of the few where anyone can separate themselves from the “pack” simply doing their research better than anyone else and coming up with the right idea at the right time. Although it does take a bit of money to develop an app, it is a lot less expensive to get in the app business than it is to build a bricks and mortar business. In addition, there is explosive income potential in app creation that usually isn’t there in a bricks and mortar business.

Here is a brief template for “doing your due diligence” when you want to create an app.

Broad Niche or Micro-Niche?

Your niche can range from large to medium to small to micro. It’s a matter of “drilling down.” For example, “pet owners” is a broad niche. “Dog owners” is a niche that is in the middle. “Shih-Tzu owners” is a small niche. “Common Shih-Tzu health problems” is a micro-niche.

Broad Niche

A broad niche can represent a chance for one particular app to “go viral” and make a lot of money. Your traffic will not be as targeted and conversion rates may suffer. Even in a broad niche, though, you will want to use some demographic boundaries, even if they are as simple as “men” or “women.”

Research in a broad niche is more focused on the overall app ecosystem. One of the first places to research a large market is Google Play for Android apps or the Apple App Store for iOS apps. Get an idea of what is the most popular in that particular niche. Look at the Top Grossing Charts to see which apps are performing well.

You can also research a broad niche using Google Trends. Be sure to set the parameters to reflect only the last 12 months.


On the other hand, an intelligently-researched micro-niche can provide a nice, steady income. Your traffic will be highly-targeted. If you do things correctly, you should have a high conversion rate. The advantage of a smaller niche is that you can talk to business owners, bloggers and enthusiasts about their problems.

The best question to ask: “Is there a problem that you would buy an app to solve if it was available?” Another is, “What is the biggest problem in [niche]?”

Micro-niches usually have forums that can be mined for a lot of information. However, we have one cautionary note: make sure the forum and the people in it are a reasonable representation of the market. If the forum is too small, make sure to check out others. If all else fails, you can always start a Facebook discussion group.

You can also purchase targeted traffic on Facebook to do market research or to publicise a discussion group. If your are having trouble researching a niche, Facebook could be the answer. If you are having too much trouble, it may mean your niche is too small, too obscure or simply not a profitable niche.

Call Smarter Apps

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