Did You Profit From a Mother’s Day App This Year?

During our time in mobile app creation and development, we have been constant in our insistence that there are three things a mobile app developer needs to do to be successful. The formula is simple: find a need, fill that need and promote effectively. Here are some apps that made great gifts for Mother’s Day.

Flower Garden Free- Grow Flowers and Send Bouquets—Free

This is a virtual flower garden app that does exactly what the name says. Plant flowers in a virtual garden to peaceful sounds of nature.

Allrecipes.com Dinner Spinner—Free

You should be taking your mum out to eat for Mother’s Day, but the Dinner Spinner is a useful app that helps mums manage meals for their children.

Headspace.com: Meditation and Mindfulness—Free

Mums work hard all day and don’t get “days off.” This app helps lessen the day’s stress with meditations and reminders to stay in the moment. The meditation trainer teaches meditation in ten minutes a day for a happier, healthier mum.

Why We Like These Apps

These apps help a large market with problems specific to that market. They are all quite useful and make great Mother’s Day gifts. They are also easily marketed to mums who want to enjoy their lives more.

Could Any of These Be Your App?

Is there a market niche that you are passionate about? What problems could you solve with an app? How could your app enhance the lives of people in your niche?

Our Aim

The main purpose of this blog is to help inspire you to come up with great app ideas. We live and breathe mobile app creation and development and we want to give you the tools you need to be a successful mobile app developer. We hope you found this information to be meaningful and inspiring.

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