Can Weight Loss Apps Become a Trend?

The mobile app development world is always changing. While some trends, such as games, stay hot for years, others seem to pop up at will. This month’s biggest craze comes from New York, where weight loss apps are the talk of the town.

What makes this new run of weight loss apps different from those already on the market? Well, these are betting apps, wherein dieters bet that they will lose weight and win money based on their results.

The aim of this app creation is to drive people to shed off those pounds in exchange of something. However, to keep from running afoul of gambling laws, the winnings are set up like rewards or prize money in a sports league. We haven’t figured out the specifics of how they would work here yet, but New York has fairly strict anti-gambling laws and the apps are all legal there.

One app, HealthyWage, offers to double the dieter’s $150 wager for losing 10% of their body weight. One player who won credited the fact that she had plunked down $150 to bet on herself as a motivator that kept her going when she wanted to “cheat.” HealthyWage also offers a $1,000 prize for significant changes in the body mass index and it even has a contest reminiscent of “The Biggest Loser,” which offers a prize of $10,000 to the person who loses the most weight in a year.

DietBet is a similar app, but it uses a “jackpot” where all wagers are contributed to a pool, which is split winners in proportion to how much they bet. Players have to weigh in and weigh out and submit photos for both. On DietBet, the app removes from 10-20% as a commission, making the pots smaller than dieters sometimes expect.

The indisputable interest of the people increased app development. In fact, another app, called GymPact, joined the trend. This allows players to agree to a set number of workouts a week and penalises them a pre-agreed amount if they miss a workout. GymPact synchronises with the GPS in a smartphone to verify that the participants really did work out. In their system, those who miss their quotas lose money and it is split among those who did.

So, what does this mean to mobile app developers? These apps are a classic example of solving a problem with an app and being successful doing it. To talk about creating and developing your own app, call 1300 650 253.

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