Boost Brand Loyalty with a Mobile App

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Android and iOS users spend as much as 80% of their time in mobile apps, according to recent data from Flurry Analytics.

If you want pizza on the way home from work and you have an app from Joe’s Pizza Place staring at you from your mobile phone, who are you most likely to call? If you answered “Joe’s Pizza Place,” you are correct.

Restaurants, entertainment venues and retail outlets are learning that apps can be a goldmine for brand loyalty due to familiarity and ease of operation. Standard advertising is done for people who may or may not even be interested in the product being advertised. Businesses spend millions of dollars on commercials and other forms of advertising, in hopes that their words will reach enough of the right people to provide a decent return on investment (ROI).

Advertising Impressions

In the advertising business, advertising impressions are important. When a person hears a brand name once, it counts as one impression. With traditional advertising, you don’t really know how many qualified prospects are receiving advertising impressions, or if they are even paying attention to them.

When someone finally contacts a business as the result of traditional advertising, they visit once. If their experience is great, they may come back for more. But they may forget about that brand and hop over to the next one they see on TV or in a newspaper.

But what happens when that user downloads an app from your business?

You get an advertising impression every time that person sees your icon on their mobile device. Better yet, the person receiving the advertising impression already cares enough about your product to have downloaded the app.

The person will see your app’s icon multiple times a day on their own mobile device. This means that you get multiple advertising impressions daily to the most qualified prospects in advertising: people who have already bought your product. They are much more likely to become repeat buyers if they have your app on their iOS or Android phone.

How to Foster Loyalty and Increase Conversions

The numbers vary from business to business, but virtually all surveys and studies agree on one thing: it is a lot easier to sell something to a repeat customer than to someone who has never purchased from you before.

Here are a few things you can do to move that process along.


A geolocator can be used to generate offers when the user comes near your store or is in the store. A friendly reminder when a customer is already in the neighbourhood can be very effective at getting them to come into your store or restaurant.

Customer Loyalty, Referral or App Only Offers

This is probably the premier way to generate repeat business. Reward users for having your app and reward them for being a customer. Make special offers that are only for those who have the app. You can also reward your customers for referrals, such as getting friends to download your app. A “points system” is a great way to go about this.

Wish List

Let your customers compile their own “wish lists.” Then, when the item goes on sale in the store, the app will notify them. This will generate excitement and make you the “go-to” store for whatever goods you offer.

NFC Stickers

NFC stickers or tags allow the transfer of information from sticker to mobile device. They can be used to provide detailed information about products in your store.

Restaurant Promotions

Restaurants can really take advantage of apps to increase business. For example, you can run daily specials only for customers who order through your app. There are limitless possibilities for restaurant promotions, depending upon what your operation can handle.

Developing the Right App for Your Business

Every business is different, and there is no “one size fits all” app that works for every business. However, every business can benefit from a great, custom-built app. The first thing you need to do is to come up with a goal for your business. What would you like to accomplish with your app? How would you like it to differentiate you from your competition? What can you offer through your app that is unique and attractive to your target market?

What services can you offer through your app? How can you use it to enhance your business offerings? What can you do with your app to keep your customers coming back again and again?

Your customers want to know that you care about them. They want to feel special. The right app can accomplish both of those tasks. Call 1300 650 253 for a consultation.

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