BetaBait Connects App Creators With Beta Testers

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BetaBait is a new company co-founded Cody Barbierri.   They connect app creators with beta testers or “early adopters.”   This enables app startups to test their apps without having to place ads in various publications.  According to BetaBait, there are approximately 3,000 testers and 750 app startups currently signed up to the service.  Barberri was quoted as saying, “For somebody who doesn’t have a public relations background and is tech-focused,  it can be pretty hard.”  Barberri’s intent is for startups with no public relations background to easily find beta testers simply signing up with his service.

BetaBait has a very simple setup.  Testers receive emails on a daily basis informing them of new apps, while startups sign up to include their apps in those emails.    BetaBait then provides feedback from the testers to the app developers.  According to Barberri, one of the main advantages to BetaBait is that no incentive is needed to find testers.  Most startups are offering incentives to people to try their apps, while BetaBait is a service that has only voluntary testers who don’t require incentives.  According to Barberri, “…they don’t need incentive; they want to have an app first.”

BetaBait is currently in the second phase of their marketing.  They just introduced a redesign that now allows users to vote on apps and also allows them to receive information on new apps through an RSS feed.  Barberri ‘s goal is to take what started as a small project and turn it into a more substantial operation.

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