Best Travel Apps of 2014

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To succeed in the app creation and development field, you have to create something that people want. The best app in the world will flop if nobody wants to download it. The best way to ensure that people want your app is to find an “evergreen” niche and solve a problem that people in that niche are having. Another way to say this is to provide a service that people in that niche want.

Travel is the epitome of the “evergreen” niche in today’s economy. Not only do we love our vacations, but many people travel regularly as a part of their job or business. Here are some great free travel apps.

XE Currency Converter

Problem: you are traveling in a foreign country and you don’t know how much your money is worth there. Solution: XE Currency Converter. Whether you are taking a quick trip to another country or you are visiting multiple countries, XE Currency Converter gives you access to current currency conversion rates. This is available for Android, iPhone, Windows and even Blackberry.

Wifi Finder

Problem: you are on the road and don’t know where to find a free wifi connection. Solution: Wifi Finder. Wifi finder finds free wifi signals for you so you don’t have to burn your own data. Works with Android and iPhone.


Problem: You are on the road and want to find entertainment. Solution: Roadtrippers. This app is available in the US only. Choose from categories such as food, history, shopping or nature hikes. Do you see the potential an app similar to Roadtrippers could have in Australia? There are both iPhone and Android versions available.


Problem: You will be flying and want to know which airline to choose for your trip. Solution: SkyScanner. This app compares prices and flight times on most airlines around the world. It is available on both Android and iPhone.

Your Travel App

We hope this inspires you to create your own travel app. Call 1300 650 253.

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