Best Android Apps in May

If you are interested in Android app development, you should be interested in what many are saying are the best Android apps in May of 2015. We like telling you about successful apps in hopes that it will inspire you to come up with great ideas for your next app. Here are a few to watch for.

Snap Me Up

This app serves as an alarm clock. The alarm doesn’t shut off until you take a selfie. The selfie craze shows no sign of ending anytime soon, so this is a natural. We applaud the creative process here.


Previously available only on Windows phones, MixRadio allows you to create your own radio station using their database of more than 35 million songs. It allows you six “skips” per hour for songs you don’t like. You can use preset genres or create your own station. It is designed to use your “skips” to determine what you do or don’t like to make a better individual station for you.


Periscope allows you to broadcast a live stream from wherever you are. It also allows you to watch other people’s live streams.


QuizUp is a live trivia game. It allows you to play with other people who have the app. What separates QuizUp from many games is that it combines social media elements such as profiles. This allows you to find suitable “competition” metrics such as age, gender and interests.


Mistaken is a huge outlier and one of the more creative ideas we have seen. We don’t know if it will work, but it has possibilities. You take a picture using this app. However, instead of showing you the picture, the app uploads the picture and never lets you see it. Instead, you see a stranger’s picture.

What These Apps Should Mean to You

These apps represent creativity and possibility. We want them to help you unlock your own creativity. Maybe your app will show up on someone’s “best of” list someday.

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