Are You in the Problem Solving Business?

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Many mobile app builders and developers build entire, multi-million dollar businesses around an idea that has been around forever, but is sometimes overlooked: solving other people’s problems. While games are very successful strategy, problem solving has proven to be the most lucrative.

A great example of making huge amounts of money for solving a simple problem is from the makers of an app called Droplet. The company is from Birmingham, England, and the app allows users to make payments via text message. Droplet has just acquired Airparks and Chiltern Railways as their first two national accounts.

When they created the app, they released a beta version in Birmingham; 60 merchants and 2500 users have signed up so far in Birmingham, and have given nothing but positive response to the app. The national accounts were announced at the launch of their London operation.

Steffan Aquarone and Will Grant, creators and developers of Droplet, have a rather lofty goal: to “change the way the world uses money.” The developers think that payments made phone should be free because it doesn’t actually cost money to move digits across the Internet. Their mission is to produce a climate in which all payments are free.

Droplet eliminates the need for credit card machines for transactions between any company and any user who both have the app. This not only eliminates a process for which companies usually charge money, but it also allows the user to make payments more quickly, more easily, and in a more secure fashion, because their financial details are not being transferred over the Internet.

The owners of Droplet intend to expand to other large cities in the UK, including Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester, and Bristol.

We do not know how they’ve decided to monetise this app, but we admire their business model and their goals. Think of all the things that you bought and all of the apps that you’ve downloaded. Then, ask yourself how many of them you bought because they solve a problem for you. If those apps be used for longer than a week, how many of them were your problem solving apps?

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