Are You Accurately Tracking Your App’s Success?

Traditionally, the success of mobile apps has been tracked counting the downloads—but is that enough? According to an article in Technology Spectator, 22% of all mobile apps that are downloaded are abandoned after being used only one time. If you are an iOS or Android app developer who makes his money on the initial sale of an app, you probably don’t care about this statistic—but what about those who make their money after the app is downloaded?

Why Apps are Abandoned

Smartphones are beginning to look a lot like wallets. However, instead of credit cards and customer loyalty cards, smartphones are becoming increasingly filled with apps. This puts a lot of users in the “house-cleaning mode” every time they need to download a new operating system that takes more space, or when they fill their phones up with music, pictures and other miscellanies.

Like cleaning out a wallet, users “cleaning’ their smartphones are going to get rid of apps they don’t use. A recent report indicates that the average smartphone user has 26 apps loaded onto their smartphone. In Korea, the average is 40 apps. While it sounds like a lot, there is so much competition for app space nowadays that 26 or even 40 is a comparatively small number.

For those who depend on apps to provide revenue, such as games with in-app purchases, retail outlets or restaurants that use them to interact with their customers, simply tracking purchases isn’t always enough to have an accurate “read” on an app’s performance.

So, how do we track apps to ensure that they are doing what we want them to in the first place? Here are a few helpful ideas.


There are plenty of mobile app analytics available for outright purchase or a monthly fee. If analytics are your strength, you may want to develop an analytics app and have us build it for you. Analysing your app’s performance is crucial to ensuring success.

Build It Right

Use a company like Smarter Apps that can ensure optimum functionality and ease of operation for the user. Give the user a reason to use your app.


Provide content: give your customers a reason to use your app every day.

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