Are Personal Tracking Apps the Wave of the Future?

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For anyone in the app creation or app development industry, it is wise to keep an eye towards the future. A new Android app could represent a popular trend in app development and is worth monitoring closely. The app is called “Instant 2.0” and allows you to track pretty much everything you do on one app.

The omnipresent social media of the Internet age has produced a large subculture of people who are called “self-enthusiasts.” The “selfie” craze is just one side of the story. The other side is a rather large market segment that diligently tracks everything they do. Some examples are smartphone time, time on the road, where you’ve been and how many steps you have taken for the day.

The problem with diligent self-tracking is that it takes a lot of apps to track everything. That means you have to activate and monitor a lot of different apps to track your entire day. If you are someone who wants to know exactly what you have done, where you have been and how much time you spent on everything, Instant 2.0 is for you.

Instant 2.0 tracks everything we’ve already mentioned plus app usage, fitness activity and pretty much anything you can imagine. Best of all, it does it all in one app. It integrates into Google Fit, providing all of the fitness tracking most people would want. It is designed to provide what is known as “contextual event tracking.”

Instant 2.0 also allows you to set daily limits on activities, with warnings when you are approaching those limits.

What it Means to You

Instant 2.0 is a classic app developed around our formula for creating a successful app. The app addresses a problem (need for an all in one tracking device) that a lot of people will pay to fix. It also helps users of a larger app, Google Fit, get more out of that app.

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