Are Apps the Future of TV?

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If you are in the mobile app development field, we hope you are keeping tabs on every important industry announcement. Recently, Apple had their standard fall unveiling of new products. We will cover the new products as we get more information, but we think a statement Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, may be more important than the new product launch:

“The future of television is apps.”

While the Apple Watch, iPad Pro and iPhone 6 were given the standard treatment, Cook’s comments while unveiling the new Apple TV may say a lot for the future of app development. While there were no surprises with the new phone, watch or iPad, the Apple TV demo hit a lot of observers surprise.

It appears to observers who were there that Apple TV is going to allow consumers to “cut the cable” while also functioning as a DVR. It will also allow console gaming and large room video conferencing.

Apple has created an operating system for Apple TV based on iOS 9. It is called “tvOS.” App developers will be able to develop apps specifically for Apple TV and sell them at the App Store.

The new controller interfaces Siri and can be used like the wireless controller on Wii. The iPod Touch or an iPhone will also be able to control the new Apple TV. Apple appears to be going after PlayStation and Xbox. At the very least, it will put a dent in those products’ market share.

What it Means to You

The new Apple TV may be able to take the best features of TV and computers and tie them up into one tidy package. Third party apps will be used for functions such as videoconferencing.

So, what does it mean to you? It is another thing to watch. It also provides a golden opportunity to get into a market segment that could be poised for massive growth, but get there before the market is saturated.

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