Apps – Tell Me About It, Popcornflix, Photo 360 & Shoebox

Different Roads to Learning, Inc., who retail educational products which serve children who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder  and similar disabilities, has launched a new app available on iPhone and iPad which helps autistic children develop early language skills.  The app, which costs $9.99, and is available at iTunes, is called Tell Me About It! Learning Language Receptive Function, Feature, & Category.
The Tell Me About It! App uses Applied Behavior Analysis, which is purportedly the sole evidence-based intervention treatment for Autism that is effective enough to be endorsed United States Surgeon General and the American Academy of Pediatrics.  Different Roads to Learning, Inc. was founded CEO Julie Azuma in 1995, after her daughter received a diagnosis of Autism.  According to Azuma, “We are pleased to develop the Tell Me About It! App, which covers the basic foundations of language for children diagnosed with Autism.”  According to their VP of Sales & Marketing, Abigail Schlaifer, “It’s like having a personal tutor at your fingertips.”

Popcornflix, a digital online movie platform, has just launched an app for iPad and iPhone that will allow users to view movies on those devices.  The app, which is free, is available at the iTunes App Store.   The app will allow users to browse through hundreds of movies in many genres.  The selection includes some independent movies and some that have been theatrically released.  Popcornflix is launching the app and will start with 300 films available.  They intend to add titles daily and amass a total of 1,000 the end of the year.  Users will also be able to share the apps on Facebook or Twitter posting a link or email.   Popcornflix is free, but is supported ads.  Users will be exposed to pre-roll ads, spot ads, and banner ads.  The app was created Screen Media Ventures, LLC, who are an independent movie distributor.  In the beginning, all of the movies will come from the parent company’s library; there is no word whether distribution deals are in the works.  Popcornflix is currently available in ten countries, including the UK, US, and Canada.  They plan to expand their reach internationally within the year, and will also use web-enabled TV’s, set-top boxes, and DVD players as distribution outlets.  More information is available at the  iTunes App Store.

Sfera has just launched a Google Play Store app for Android called Photo 360.  The app takes 360 degree panoramic photos, and allows them to be rotated on the Android simply moving one’s fingertip from left to right or right to left on the screen.   The picture can be shared with friends through email, messaging, and social networks, but the user has to pay when he or she sends a picture in the form of “tickets.”
Google Play Store gives the user the first five tickets free, but then the user has to pay for them.  The tickets will cost $1 for four, $2 for ten, $7.50 for 50, and $10 for 100.  Other possible downsides to this app are the caveat that the app is recommended only for use outdoors, because lower lighting thresholds can cause the pictures to come out blurry and of lowered quality.

San Francisco startup firm 1000memories has launched an iPhone app called ShoeBox.  The app allows users to take pictures of their old photographs on their iPhones and upload them to the internet.  The app piqued the interest of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who sees it as an excellent tool for users to begin filling in their new Facebook Timelines.  As a result of a conference with Zuckerberg, ShoeBox has been updated to allow users to upload photos directly to their Facebook Timelines.  The app is currently free, and available at the iTunes App Store.

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