Apple is Practically Begging for Health Apps

If you are in the app creation or app development field and you are remotely interested in health, pay close attention to this blog post.

Apple wants health apps so badly that they have created a platform to help people create them. The platform is called CareKit. Apple wants app developers to use CareKit to make it easier for users to save data concerning their health, record their symptoms and share their information with carers and medical personnel.

Jeff Williams of Apple made sure to mention in no uncertain terms that the ultimate control of data would be with the user.

On 29 April, four apps were launched through CareKit. One is called Start. It helps people with depression share their data with medical professionals using standardised mental health examinations. Another app, OneDrop, is made for diabetic patients to share data and log symptoms for medical professionals.

The last two apps are from a company called Glow: Glow Baand Glow Nurture. These apps help expectant mothers and new mothers manage their pregnancies and children.

The CareKit framework is now available on GitHub.

What it Means to You

First, it means Apple is going to be hammered with new health apps. However, many of them are going to be from amateurs. This provides a wonderful opportunity for people who want to actually hire a professional team to do the “heavy lifting” and send a professional, attractive app to Apple.

It also means that they would probably get behind a really well-made app that doesn’t go through CareKit. Apple has been trying to break into the health field for a long time. CareKit is Apple letting the health field know they are really serious this time.

How You can Take Advantage of This

Is there a health problem you have direct experience with? Do you know exactly what the problems are and what would really help patients in that niche?

If you do, use the contact box and we will return your enquiry ASAP. Let’s get started while there’s money on the table.