Apple Continues Pattern of Innovation in Post-Steve Jobs Era with iPad Air

Whether you are in the business of iOS or Android app creation or development, the new iPad Air is worthy of your attention. If there is one thing that manufacturers of both Apple and Android mobile devices have shown, it’s that where one succeeds, the other will improve, or at least follow.

In the case of the iPad Air, Apple has succeeded in designing a product that could represent the future of the tablet industry. At the very least, they seem to have found a “sweet spot” that will affect the future of anyone who is interested in developing Apple apps.

The iPad Air is full-sized at 9.7 inches. It is a lot like the iPad mini in that it is very light and thin. The sides are slightly curved to feel thin in handling areas, filling out to an impressively-thin 7.5 mm in effective thickness. This is a 20% reduction from the 2012 iPad 4. It is also 1.2 mm shorter and 16.2 mm narrower than the iPad 4. Even though the measurements are so similar, the iPad Air weighs nearly 30% less than the iPad 4 at 469 grams.

The iPad Air is now comfortable to hold for extended periods of time, which is a possible game-changer for full-sized tablets.

Why iPad Air is a Game-Changer

The iPad Air is poised to become the dominant tablet over the next year. Apple has succeeded in taking features such as their retina display and rich audio performance and have put it into a package that is light but large enough to provide visual enjoyment.

We have seen smaller tablets from Apple and those who manufacture Android devices, but we think that the iPad Air is going to be the foundation for further development and advances in the industry. The tentative movement toward mid-sized “phablets” which are smaller than full-sized tablets but larger than phones may have temporarily been stopped in favour of the larger iPad Air.

At the very least, we believe Apple is poised to keep its market share in the tablet category. If you are interested in developing an iPad, iPhone or Android app, call 1300 650 253 or visit our contact page:

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