Apple App Trends: February 2015

One of the important things any mobile app developer must do is keep an eye on trends. We would like to go over the most popular apps for February 2015. We looked at the top paid apps at iTunes on 3 March 2015. This reflects sales for February and is a great “snapshot” of the market. We suggest checking both iTunes and Google Play on a regular basis.

Here is our analysis of the highest-trending paid Apple apps in Australia for February 2015.

Categories Number

Games dominated, as usual, with nine of the top 25 slots, including Minecraft at #3 and Heads Up at #4. The Photo and Video category was next with four apps. The most popular was iTube Pro at #2. The Travel category had three in the top 25, with TripView Sydney at #5. The “evergreen” category of Health and Fitness also had three apps in the top 25, with The Wonder Weeks coming in at #8.

Food and Drink had two apps in the top 25, with the best showing being Clean and Green at #16. The #1 app for the month was in the Productivity category, but is not the typical productivity app. It is called Stick Text. It provides fully-animated stick figure scenes to use in place of emoticons.

Ultimate Guitar Tabs, in the Music category, was at #10. An app in the Weather category, called Weather Plus, finished at #18. Bringing up the bottom end at #25 was a sports app called Hurley Surf, which provides real time surf conditions at popular surfing spots.

Beyond the Numbers

We love numbers, but they are nothing if they aren’t put into context. For us, that means combining the numbers with social trends, identifying what is popular now and projecting future popularity of that trend. Here are a few things we noticed.


Games continue to be popular. We love our diversions, and games can make time disappear. With Smartphones, games are attractive to those who have to spend time waiting and want to fill the void. They make great lunch hour companions, too. Games are still the most wide-open and unpredictable force in the world of app development. They either “catch on” or they don’t.

If you are interested in developing a game, look for a niche that has a built in following but has potential to become viral and interest people who have no connection to the niche. One could also try to develop a character or characters and put them through a series of trevails. A great example of this: the classic game Super Mario Bros, which has been turned into many popular apps.

If you are creative and artistic, games may be a great genre for you.

Photo and Video

Photo and video apps are going to be in the “evergreen” category for as long as we have apps. Every successive tablet and phone makes some kind of visual improvement. That is no accident. Approximately 65 percent of us are visual learners. That means we learn better using our eyes. It also explains the popularity of infographics.

Photo and video apps aren’t going away and neither are social media sites that are designed for photos and videos. If you are one of the 65% of the public who is a visual learner, you should pay close attention to the photo and video category.

Food and Drink

We all have to eat. Most of us love to eat. Food and beverage apps are also a guaranteed “evergreen” genre into the foreseeable future. The app at #15 is called “Clean and Green Eating.” It provides simple, healthy recipes that involve healthy whole foods. Healthy food and beverage apps also cross over into health and fitness. What kind of recipes can you compile?

What are You Waiting For?

People are making new apps in these genres every day. It might as well be you. If any of these categories or niches sound attractive to you, get to work. If you have questions or an idea, call us to learn more about the process of creating your own app: 1300 650 253.

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