App Trends: Important Information for Every App Developer

Every year, Vision Mobile in London commissions a report that is becoming mandatory for all app developers. It is called “State of the Developer Nation.” In a year where smartphones overtook non-smartphones as the most popular form of phone, the report gains new status and importance.

If you want to be a successful mobile app developer, it is crucial that you know what is going on in the industry. Here are some highlights and what we think.

The Numbers

Globally, approximately 2.3 million people work as app developers. Of all continents, Asia has approximately 760,000 or 32.9%; Europe has 680,000 or 29.7%; North America is third with close to 680,000 or 29.4%. The rest of the world combined, including Australia, has 8%.

While iOS still dominates North America, Android is the platform that is the most popular in the rest of the world. 71% of developers create Android apps, 55% create iOS apps and 37% create HTML5 apps. Remember that many developers work with all three platforms.

But the more important question here is, “Who is making the most money?” The US was first in revenue generation computed country, with Japan coming in a distant second with 50% less than the US. South Korea and the UK were in third and fourth place with only a quarter of the revenues created in the US.

Europe, when all countries are added together, created 22% of worldwide revenues. Asia reported a 162% increase in app revenues from 2012 to 2013.

What They Mean to You

While Australia was relegated to the role of “bit player” in this report, it isn’t all bad news. 31% of developers in Africa and the Middle East exported their apps to countries that produce more revenue, while 15% of Australian app developers followed their lead.

Our advice: don’t limit yourself to one country or platform.

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