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Mighty Meeting, based out of New York, is introducing a collaboration app for iPad and Android tablets called Mighty Teams. Mighty Meetings will allow multiple users to share files, message team members, create and edit documents between teams, and conduct conference calls using one app. Previously, this required using many apps, such as Google Docs, Skype, and DropBox.

The new app will replace an old app of the same name which enabled Power Point and video presentations and was used mainly in the financial, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical industries. This app will be available on iOS and Android devices, and will also be available online.

According to Mighty Meetings CEO Dimitri Tcherevi, “Unlike Dropbox we transcode content, videos and presentations, for the iPad, iPhone, and Android.” He continued, “This content can tehn be presented directly from the iPad, locally or remotely.”

The main competition for this app as of this time is Veeva, from Veeva Systems, which focuses on the pharmaceutical and sales industries. The launched today, February 21, in the Apple App store and the Android Market. It costs $4.99 per month. If you are currently a Mighty Meetings member, you can get the app free of charge.

A new iPhone app called News Booth was released on Monday. It allows users to edit phots and make them look like they came from a television newscast. The app is targeted at users who want to use the app for fun. The app is free until February 26, and will receive periodic upgrades, themes, and native iPad compatibility.
To use the app, the user loads a photo, then chooses a theme to make the photo look like fake news. Themes include modern cable news format or “classic black and white.” Headlines are then added to make the photo appear like a genuine news photo. The photo can be uploaded to Twitter or Facebook.

An app called VoterBuzz was released earlier this month. It is designed to help candidates and organizations conduct campaigns. It is designed to assist with audio/video outreach, social networking, polling, event tickets, fundraising, and recruiting volunteers. The full version is available on Android, and a limited version for iPhone is also available.

According to the president of Voterbuzz, Andrea Torkelson, “We’re excited to offer the most promising and useful political app on the market. “ The company is based in Bradenton, Florida, and will offer a free trial for 60 days. The trial must be ordered February 29. VoterBuzz is non-partisan and its apps are available to all candidates.

Two new apps, Fast Customer and Lucy Phone, available on both iPhone and Android, are designed to keep users from waiting on hold. The app waits on hold for the user, who can then hang up the phone. When the rep is on the line, the app calls the user back. According to customer feedback, the apps are used mostly when calling customer service for cable and phone companies, and are also popular when calling airlines. The apps are reportedly a win-win for both users and company reps, who find themselves talking to happier customers. Both apps are currently free.

Researchers at Harvard University have developed an app designed to reduce the symptoms of many anxiety disorders. The app has not yet been named or released, but was recently the subject of a trial consisting of 338 patients. It uses an approach called “cognitive bias modification.” It is designed to “jam” negative thought cycles changing the focus of users.

Many with social anxiety or fear of crowds tend to focus on hostile or angry-looking faces, or interpret neutral expressions as hostile ones. The app uses an exercise to recondition the brain to look away from what the user perceives as hostile expressions. This changes the focus and can disrupt the cycle that leads to increased anxiety and panic attacks.

The app is developed for the smartphone, and is not the first app developed for what they call “psychological intervention.” The Department of Veterans’ Affairs has developed a number of apps in the last year for PTSD and depression. While some in the human potential field are cynical of the apps, others see them as having a lot of potential for growth.

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