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New App helps get rid of junk mail.

A new free app called PaperKarma has been created for Android. It helps users opt out of lists that produce junk mail in their snail mail boxes. After downloading the app, the user has to sign up for an account and enter his or her address. Then, the user simply takes pictures of the mail with the Android, and uploads it to PaperKarma. After the picture has been sent, the user simply clicks the unsubscribe button, and PaperKarma unsubscribes the user from future mailings. The app works on most national accounts, but can be balky on local accounts, which often don’t have efficient ways to unsubscribe. Because many companies pre-print their junk mail in bulk, it could take as long as three months to stop receiving junk mail from them.

New App makes iPhone sound like AM radio.

Onyx Apps has created an app called Retro-Fi, which makes music coming from an iPhone sound like it is coming from an AM radio. It simulates AM radio background noise and also uses sound equalization technology to lessen the dynamic range, thus reproducing the sounds made more primitive equipment.

The user is provided with two adjustments: static noise and ambiance. The app has received a lot of criticism within the music industry, and sales figures for the app, which costs ninety-nine cents, are not available.

Valentine’s Day Apps

Valentine and dating-related apps have been released in time for Valentine’s Day. An Android app called Kiss My Valentine sends kisses and hugs, and even has a Valentine’s Day countdown clock.

Crowded Room is a location-based app that helps users find others with similar interests. It is available for iPhone or Android, and integrates foursquare, Twitter, and Facebook to find new friends in the user’s area with common interests and/or common friends. The app includes posting itinerary posting and privacy settings, and has a message system that allows users to organize meet and greets.

Moonit is an iPhone app which uses astrology to determine whether or not people are compatible for dating, friendship, and/or business relationships. It uses a full birth-date analysis of each party and then compares the data to determine compatibility.

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