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National Public Radio, known as NPR, has just introduced the free NPR Music iPad app.   The app not only allows users to watch their Tiny Desk Concerts and listen to music streams such as their All Songs Considered music channel, entire new albums, or station steams, but also allows the user to read original commentary and reporting.   The NPR app will allow users to filter content type or genre, and allows the user to build a playlist with its drag and drop function.  It can be used even while running other apps and can be sent Wi-Fi to a home stereo.  It also has a function that connects to the users iTunes library to suggest music based on the user’s listening preferences. NPR plans a celebration on March 7 with a concert featuring New York band The Shins, who will be performing songs from an upcoming album called Port of Morrow.

Sports Illustrated has announced an app called Swimsuit Viewer, which will allow users to view unique, behind the scenes photos from the photo shoots for their 2012 Sports Illustrated Annual Swimsuit Issue.  The app is designed to use the content in the swimsuit issue to attract users to Sports Illustrated’s mobile site.
The application is free, and will be available for iPhone, iPad, and Android.  The app is sponsored DirecTV, and cover model Kate Upton will appear in an advertisement for DirecTV at the end of each video.  Sports Illustrated has been using video to promote the magazine since 2008, and considers the app a natural progression of their efforts so far.

A company called Enlocked has just come out with a self-titled free app that encrypts email.  The app is currently available on iPhone, iPad, and Android, with a Blackberry version expected within two months.  The app also works on all of the popular web browsers and email systems.  Enlocked allows users to send encrypted email, even on company accounts, and guarantees privacy.  Both the sender and receiver must have the app, encrypting it for the sender and decoding it for the receiver.

Enlocked is considering offering a premium version in the future,  currently the app is totally free and doesn’t include any advertising.  Enlocked feels that convenience is what separates them from similar apps.  CEO Guy LInveh was quoted as saying, “We think we’ve created an easier barrier to entry.”  He continued, “The magic is supposed to be in the usability for the consumers.”

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