Android Pay Coming to Australia: What it Means to You

If Android app development is your field of expertise, you have just been handed a great opportunity. Android Pay is officially coming to Australia. Android Pay has been in the US up to now, but is expanding internationally. Australia is the first “international market” to receive the app.

How Android Pay Works

Android Pay allows Android users to upload and store information from debit and credit cards into a mobile “wallet.” Users can use Android Pay to pay for purchases at retailers who have NFC, or “Near Field Communication” technology. Between September 2015 and December 2015, more than one million retailers in the US allowed payments from Android Pay. This was fast growth for a service that was only announced in May of that year.

The user will install Android Pay and upload their information. To pay for a purchase, they only need to tap their Android Pay button and confirm their information to complete the process from their end. Some apps and services have already made themselves compatible to Android Pay, including Lyft, DoorDash and OpenTable.

For those who download the app, Google will provide coupons good for $10 off a Lyft ride and $10 off a DoorDash grocery delivery.

Your Android App Development Opportunity

Is there a way you can help interface Android Pay into other apps for users? Is there a way you can provide more security for the app’s users? Talk to people in the US or read about people who have used the app there. What are their problems? Are a lot of them complaining about the same thing?

Every advance in technology provides another opportunity for app creation and development. Millions have been made on products that improve user experience for industry giants such as Facebook and other social media platforms. We know someone is going to find a way to enhance user experience for people or merchants who use Android Pay. It might as well be you.

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