Android Developer Guidelines, Food Ordering App & Red Cross iPhone App

The Lake Erie Crushers, a minor league baseball team in Avon Ohio, recently introduced a free app called “Snag Mobile.”  The free app, which is available for any smartphone, allows fans to order food and beverages from their seats.  The user brings up the app, orders from a menu within the app, and sends the order to the concessions.
The app allows the user to make every choice regarding food, beverages, and condiments from the smartphone.  The user then has the option of picking up the food at an express window or having it delivered to their seat.  The app allows the user to pay credit card through the app or cash in person.
Budget Car Rental has just released a self-titled app for both Android and iOS.  The app is free, and allows Budget Rental customers to make reservations over their smartphones.  The app also allows them to modify or cancel reservations, and the reservations can be called up on the app at any time.
Users can store their customer profiles in the app, including their rental preferences and billing information.  The app uses the smartphone’s GPS system to locate the nearest Budget Car Rental office.  Budget released the apps to promote customer satisfaction making it quicker and easier to rent a car.
According to Avis Budget Group Chief Marketing Officer Jeanne Haas, “Traverlers are using their mobile devices to access and make reservations more than ever before.”  The app is free and is available at the Apple App Store and at Google Play.
The Saline Country, Arkansas Sheriff’s Office has just released a new, self-titled app for Android phones, with an iPhone release in the works.  The app currently has six information categories, but those projected to be the most useful and popular are the “Detention Center” and “Warrants” categories.
The app allows users to find out who is in jail or who has a warrant.  The names are displayed with “mug shots,” similar to the “Who’s in Jail” periodicals available in many metropolitan areas across the US.  The app also includes a list of attorneys and bail bondsmen.
Users are cautioned that the Sheriff’s Department hasn’t had time to input all of the necessary information at this juncture.  According to Lieutenant Scott Courtney of the Saline County Sheriff’s Department, “It’s a work in progress and we haven’t got all of the information added in there yet.”   Courtney also added that the app will be used for amber and silver alerts in the future.
The American Red Cross has just announced the release of the “Hurricane App.”  The app is free and works on both Android and iPhones.  The app, released just in time for the official beginning of “hurricane season” in the southern US, provides real-time hurricane tracking, radar, and updates.  It also allows users to send messages to friends and relatives.
The app can be found in the Apple App Store and on Google Play searching “American Red Cross,” or is available dialing “**redcross” from a mobile phone, which then provides the user with a download link.
Onavo Mobile Ltd in Israel has released a free app for iPhone and Android called “Onavo Extend.”  The app helps users reduce the amount of data they use on their smartphones and helps them avoid overage charges on their phone bills.  The app routes all data through Onavo’s servers, and Onavo compresses it.  The phone app then receives the data and decompresses it.
The user then accesses the larger amount of data, but only pays for the smaller amount.  According to Onavo co-founder and CEO Guy Rosen, ”Your overall data can be as much as five times smaller.”  He then estimated that, due to the differences in the types of data being compressed, most users are billed for two to five times less data with the app than without it.
Similar to the changes made Apple in their Apps Store earlier this year, Google has established a set of guidelines for apps developers in the Google Play Store.  Google is trying to increase the quality of Android Apps, but their first priority is to rid their marketplace of apps whose purpose is to spam users.  The new guidelines do not allow apps to mimic other apps, spam users with ads before the app turns on, scam users with fake systems notifications, or divulge user information without the user’s express permission.

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