Android Closing The Gap On Apple, Microsoft Lags Behind

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Google Android is closing the gap on Apple, both the IOS and Android platforms have reached the 1 billion downloads per month mark, since the Android market launch in in 2008 there have been 10 billion apps downloaded in total. The real difference between the two major players is the revenue generated the app market with Apple coming out a long way in front. Talk to almost any app developer and they will tell you its much easier to monetize via the Apple platform at this point in time, the fact that Apple has over 200 million credit cards on file via the iTunes store is the major factor here, another point to consider is that Apple users download twice as many apps on average.

Microsoft is set to launch its own version the Windows 8 app store but its hard to see them bridging the gap anytime soon with Apple and Android having such a head start even with the help of the massive base of Windows users. Their current share of the smartphone market is not significant and again when you talk to most developers its either Apple or Android and forget the rest. just go shopping for a Windows powered phone and see what you can find….

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