Android App, iOS App or Both: Which is Best for You?

This may be the most common question in the mobile app development field: “Should I create an Android App, an iOS app or do both?” While we think both is the best way to go, there really isn’t a “one size fits all” answer here because everyone has a different set of circumstances. If you are a large company, you have the resources to do both. If you are small, you have to pick and choose.

If you are a small business developing an in-house app to increase productivity for your business, it may be as simple as asking your employees what kind of smartphones they have. If you are a small business who wants to increase customer access, it pays to know the demographics of your customer base to figure out which operating system they are likely to have.

If you are looking for an app to get rich off of or at least make a nice living, you need to know your target audience. Are they more likely to have an Android phone or an iOS phone? There are also some general stats that play out over the long haul about users of both platforms.

The Case for Android

Because Android smartphones are cheaper, there are more of them. This also means their owners tend to have less disposable income than those with Apple smartphones. You have a much bigger audience with Android than with iOS.

The Case for iOS

iOS users spend more money once they have your app because they generally engage more. Ultimately, iOS apps produce more revenue. Their users have more disposable income and don’t mind paying for apps, either. iOS users also tend to stay current with every update. This means you don’t have to support older versions as long as you do for Android.

The Verdict

It depends on your target audience. Are they more likely to use Android or iOS? Does your app appeal to those with more disposable income (iOS) or less disposable income (Android)?

If you have budgetary constraints, we recommend starting with the operating system that most of your target audience uses. Then, create an app for the other platform once you can afford it.

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