9 of the Best Windows Phone Apps—So Far

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When Windows Mobile came out, we maintained a “wait and see” attitude toward them. We knew they had a great chance of success, but didn’t want to be involved in creating Windows mobile apps until we knew whether Windows app development would be a worthwhile endeavour for our clients.

Windows Mobile has been superseded Windows Phone, which has been very successful. While the platform is relatively new and there isn’t nearly the assortment of apps for Windows as there is for iOS and Android, they have definitely become a profitable endeavour for app developers. Here are the top nine Windows Phone apps we have seen so far.


This app pretty much allows you to do anything on Facebook from your phone or tablet that you can on your computer.


This app turns your smartphone into a Dick Tracy videophone. As long as the other user also has Skype, you can talk face to face on your smartphone.


Looking for something to do? Use your Yelp app to find a restaurant or a shop in your area—great for spare time while walking downtown.


Enjoy fully functional tweets from your smartphone, including photos. You can also use the app to watch Vine videos.


Pandora allows you to play “stations” consisting of your favourite genres of music. It is fairly easy to use and provides great sound quality.


Mint is a personal finance management app. It provides instant access to recent transactions, balances and spending habits. You can also program in a budget.


Vine features user-uploaded six second videos. They are small enough to download easily and quickly. You can even create and upload your own Vine videos from the Windows mobile app.


6Tag is an Instagram app for Windows Phone. We know that Instagram has its own app, but for the time being, 6Tag is a lot more fun and a lot more efficient. The only question is whether or not Instagram will try to squash 6Tag. Stay tuned.

Your Windows Phone App

While Windows Phone users bemoan the relatively small assortment of Windows Phone apps that are available compared to Android and iOS, the lack of apps creates a great opportunity for app developers.

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