5 Apps that Solve Problems and Make People’s Lives Easier

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There is one concept we like to talk about often at Smarter Apps. We are often asked what kind of apps make the most money. While no app is ever guaranteed to make money, we do have an idea of what works. Our favourite recommendation is always to find a problem that a lot of people have and solve it with an app. In other words, come up with an app that will make people’s lives easier.

Here are five great examples of apps that do just that. And they’re all free.


LastPass solves a problem: generating secure passwords without having to remember them all. LastPass hit the market in 2008. It can generate passwords that can’t be hacked. It automatically stores all of your passwords and logs you in with them.

Many would-be users fear that if a hacker hacked into LastPass, they would have access to their entire lives, but LastPass is so secure that the data is unreadable even to the parent company that created the app. They also have an authentication protocol consisting of two different factors to ensure that only the owner has access.

This app is free for desktop users, but mobile users have to pay $12 per year.

Sunrise for iPhone

Sunrise is a calendar app for iPhone. It can incorporate data from iCloud, Google, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. This puts events such as friends’ birthdays or Foursquare check-ins on your calendar, along with whatever you have put into it. The display is attractive, allowing a two week or daily view.

Sunrise has features that transcend the standard calendar app. You can respond to or send event invitations from within Sunrise and easily pull up a map to get you to the next event on your calendar. Sunrise also has weather built in.


This app from HootSuite allows you to share any web page across all of your social networks, such as Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIn. If you do a search, you can see all recent tweets that are relevant to your search. You can put your location on Google Maps and Hootlet will show tweets made from nearlocations.

Basically, Hootlet allows you to have the benefits of all of your social media sites without having to go to any of them.


Vizify takes all of the information you have put on websites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter and amalgamates them into one website. You don’t really have to do much work, but the information is displayed in impressive fashion on your website. It produces pages for your resume, social activity, education and many other aspects of your life.

There is a lot to like about Vizify: too much to tell here. Suffice to say that Vizify will help you display the consummate professional image.

Evernote Web Clipper

For those who surf the web a lot but forget about all of the great places they wanted to revisit, Evernote Web Clipper is a lifesaver. Evernote allows users to “snip” web pages and store them in the cloud. The data is cataloged neatly and available on all of your devices.

You can even take notes with text or use arrows to help remember exactly what you liked about the page you are saving.

Are You Inspired Yet?

These are all apps that solve problems or enhance user experience for a lot of people. LastPass solves the problem of trying to remember myriad passwords. Sunrise organises and consolidates events from different places and puts them onto one calendar. Hootlet lets users share to all of their social media accounts with one stroke. Vizify creates a stunning personal website out of information that is already on the web. Evernote solves the problem of forgetting all of the great pages you visited.

If you are looking to develop an app and make money, you need to shift your thinking and become a problem solver. You also need to notice patterns. Without looking at the answer, figure out what these apps have in common.

If you answered that they are all piggybacking onto successful and popular apps, you are correct. Right now, there are approximately 680 million mobile Facebook users. Can you see the obvious implication here? If you can come up with an app that enhances Facebook experience, you have a built-in market of 680 million people. That is a great place to start.

We hope this piece has given you a lot to think about. And when you have finally figured out a problem to solve, be sure to call Smarter Apps for more information: 1300 650 253.

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