5 Apps that can Drive Parents Nuts

If you want to be an app development professional, you should make it a point to start looking at every user and every app on the market as a potential source of problems that you can solve. Here are five apps that are great for adults, but can place children in danger if not monitored correctly. Monitoring them can be exceedingly frustrating for parents.

As you read, think “what is the problem here and how can I solve it?”


According to Snapchat, all pictures, texts and videos you send disappear after a designated period of time. In reality, though, nearly everything that is sent onto the Internet seems to survive. If your child is enticed into sending compromising photos, videos or texts via snapchat, they could end up being used to embarrass them, abuse them or worse.

Kik Messenger

Kik Messenger is a way to send messages without the phone logging them into its history. It has over 100 million users, no way to authenticate users and no parental controls. As a result, it is a hotbed for “sexting.” It is also the “safest” and easiest platform for sexual predators to contact minors with no fear of consequences.


This app encourages and allows users to post their “secrets” anonymously and chat about them with users in their area. An unsuspecting child is easily enticed into communicating with strangers. So far, the worst problems are obscenity, cyber-bullying, racism and cruelty. So far…

Yik Yak

Yik Yak allows users to post whatever they want to be seen the 500 users closest to them within 8 km. It is beset with the normal problems: obscenity, cyber-bullying, racism and general social anarchy.


This app combines anonymity with no content standards, no policing and no parental controls. Another recipe for disaster for an unsuspecting child.

Can You Help?

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