3 New Apps for the iPad Air 2 and What they Mean to You

One of our first recommendations to any mobile app developer is to solve problems or add value to mobile devices. Any problem solved adds value to the user’s mobile device, but the proposition of added value is important so we chose to mention it here.

The iPad Air 2 has new capabilities, as each successive Apple product does. The main ones were touch ID, a new CPU and enhanced screen technology. These additions have made it the consensus choice for “best tablet on the market,” at least until the next round of releases brings us more.

Here are three popular iPad Air 2 apps.


This app stores videos and pictures and allows you to share video “stories” with your friends. Storehouse imports videos and pictures from your camera and social media sites such as Flickr, Dropbox and Instagram. It uses an animated interface that has generated rave reviews.


1Password could be developed for any platform, but it is a great app worth mentioning because it solves a huge problem. It allows you to store your passwords, credit card details and bank account information on your iPad. With this program, you can easily organise all of your accounts. This allows you to use complicated passwords that are nearly unhackable for all of your accounts and not have to remember any of them. Except the one to get into 1Password, of course.


Todoist is a time management app. It helps you manage tasks in order of priority. It allows you to attach relevant files to important tasks and even reminds you of tasks based on your location. The best description: your brain on autopilot.

What it Means to You

Every new generation of devices brings new capabilities. As a mobile app developer, it is your job to add value to their devices creating apps that allow users to solve problems or have more fun with those devices.

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