Which Apps Won Australian Mobile and Apps Awards for 2014?

In app creation and development industry, there is a lot of opportunity for the “little guy.” We help the small mobile app developer as well as helping larger firms with productivity and customer interface apps. From games to serious business apps and everything in between, it all starts with an idea.

There is no better place to inspire ideas than the Australian Mobile and Apps Awards. Here are a select few of those we feel to be the most important winners.

Best Startup App: HelloLocal

Nothing represents the individual entrepreneur or small firm better than the startup category. Whether you are starting by yourself with an idea or you have already assembled a team, it is possible to create a successful app “from scratch,” as you will see here. The best startup app for 2014 is called HelloLocal.

HelloLocal uses Wifi, NFC, Beacon and proximity marketing technology to let users find offers, deals and shopping information according to their exact location. The app gives local businesses the opportunity to participate, delivering their information to consumers who are in any given area looking for shopping, restaurants or any retail outlet looking for more customers.

Everybody wins with HelloLocal. Businesses, especially the small retailers who make up 96% of Australian businesses, get exposure to new customers. Cities and tourist destinations can offer a diverse selection of bargains to tourists. And tourists are privy to the same “deals” that locals get, without having to obtain any prior knowledge of the market.

The app intends to be fully national, hoping to have participation in all areas of Australia.

Mobile Innovation, Best Platform: Leadbolt Mobile App Monetisation Platform

At SmarterApps, we always recommend that the fastest way to succeed in mobile app development is to look for a problem and solve it. A firm called Leadbolt has solved a problem that may be the most daunting one in the app development field: monetising your app.

The app is called the Leadbolt Mobile App Monetisation Platform. Its owners call it an app-discovery and monetisation platform. It helps mobile app developers find users, promote their apps and increase their profits within one software development kit. It also allows advertisers to find apps that can host their ads. In other words, everybody wins: advertisers, app developers and end users.

Currently, Leadbolt claims to deliver 5 billion advertising impressions every month advertising on 65,000 apps, not only in Australia, but in over 150 countries. Leadbolt is an Australian app; they are headquartered in Sydney. They also have a US presence in Los Angeles.

Business to Business/Productivity: Alsco Sales Force

This app was developed by Alsco to help their sales force with productivity. Their sales team needed more access to product knowledge. A lack of available product information was causing poor customer engagement. This, of course, caused sales to decrease. They wanted a mobile customer relationship management (CRM) app to increase efficiency and stop losing valuable customers.

Sales Force immediately gave reps access to the information they needed to put together proposals that were based on finding the right products within their inventory to solve problems for customers. The app became a multi-functional asset that provided reps with the ability to do everything associated with the sale while on the road.

What These Apps Have in Common

All three of these apps have one important thing in common: they solve a huge problem or problems for somebody. HelloLocal helps travellers and retail businesses connect. Leadbolt helps the mobile app developer. Sales Force helps Alsco, their reps and their customers.

Your Mobile App

Solving problems and helping people are the key to successful iOS or Android app development. Whether you are a small entrepreneur, a small to medium sized business or a large corporation, problem-solving apps are the most successful.

If you are a mobile app developer or if you just want to be and have an idea, call us today. That first step could be the most important step you ever take. Call us today: 1300 650 253.

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