What Apps are Hot in England and What You Can Learn from Them

We say often on this blog that if you want to be a mobile app developer, you need to know what is going on in the profession. One of the things we like the most about app creation and development is that apps are a global business. We spend a lot of time developing enterprise apps for Australian businesses but those who want to create apps for popular use need to know what is going on in other countries besides Australia.

To help you know what is going on outside Australia, we decided to take a look at some of British newspaper The Guardian’s apps of the month for January 2016. Then, we are going to tell you what you can learn from them.

Ofcom Wi-Fi Checker

Ofcom stands for “Office of Communications.” They regulate the Internet, TV, radio and pretty much anything having to do with communications in England. Their app, available for both Android and iOS, allows users to check whether their home Wi-Fi speed is being slowed. It also provides possible “fixes” for problems.


Cab:App is like Uber but it works with real cab drivers. It is available on both iOS and Android and helps users find a cab in more than 90 cities in Ireland and the UK.

Endless Learning Academy

Available on iOS only, Endless Learning Academy is actually a series of educational apps designed for two to six year-olds. It contains a combination of phonics, math, anatomy, spelling, Spanish and more. The knowledge is delivered animated monsters. As the child progresses, parents can purchase new lessons within the app.

Snap Swipe Drawer

This Android app is a demonstration of just how simple app development can be if you have a good idea. It stores your widgets in a “drawer,” which you swipe out to gain access. It keeps users from having to go back to the home screen every time they want a new widget. It is simple and useful.

Cardboard Camera

This is an Android app which is designed to help users turn their smartphones into virtual reality (VR) receivers. This app enables the user to take photos in a 360-degree panorama and pan them. Google will want you to purchase their Cardboard headset.


Bumble is a hetero dating app that has been available on iPhones for a while and has now been made available for Android devices. Users “swipe right” to show interest in another user. Unlike other dating apps, though, the female is the only person who can initiate actual conversation.

Change4Life Sugar Smart

This app is available on both iOS and Android devices. It lets the user scan a barcode for a food or beverage at the store and receive information on how much sugar is in it. The operation and fonts appear to be child-friendly, giving parents the opportunity to help their children eat a healthy diet.

Katy Perry Pop

This Android and iOS app is modeled on a Kardashian’s “Hollywood” App, which has generated 7 figures of in-app purchases. It allows the user to become a pop star like Katy Perry. The character starts with nothing and ascends to various levels, ending in stardom. Gamers will pass on it but Katy Perry fans will probably spend a lot of money.

Rust Bucket

This iOS and Android app is a game in which players crawl around dungeons and traps. It provides plenty of opportunities to kill monsters. The visuals are much brighter than the usual games, providing a visual “break” for veteran gamers.

So, What Can You Learn from These Apps?

These apps follow one or more of four principles: imitation, problem solving, capitalising on trends or addictive gaming.

Change4Life Sugar Smart, Snap Swipe Drawer, Ofcom Wi-Fi Checker and Endless Learning Academy solve problems that niche buyers will pay to solve.

Cab:App not only solves a problem but is an imitation of Uber with the possibility of better results. Katy Perry Pop is a game and it imitates the popular Hollywood app from Kim Kardashian. Bumble is an imitation of any of many dating apps. Rust Bucket is a game that differentiates itself from its genre with bright colours.

Cardboard Camera is capitalising on a trend that is forecast to become huge in 2016: virtual reality.

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