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Most small businesses who foray into app creation and development are searching for ways to mitigate risk. They want to know that their app is going to be successful before they spend time and money to create and develop it. Our belief is that the best way to ensure success is to find a problem and solve it. The main exception to this is games.

This month, we would like to analyse some trends among the 25 top selling iPhone apps. We went to iTunes and looked at the top 25 paid apps in Australia on 29 October 2014.

#1 was 5:2 Diet complete. #2 was 7 Minute Workout. #3 was 5 Nights at Freddy’s. #4 was Pocket Weather. #5 was Sleep Cycle Alarm. #6 was Minecraft-Pocket Edition. #7 was 7 Minute Workouts. #8 was TripView Sydney. #9 was Facie. #10 was The Wonder Weeks, a health and fitness app.

In the top ten, this works out to four health and fitness apps, two games, one food and drink app that could have easily been classified as health and fitness, one travel, one photo and video and one weather app.

If one expands this to the top 25, there are nine games, six health and fitness apps, four photo and video apps, three food and drink apps, two travel apps and one weather app.

What it Means to You

This list tells us that health and fitness is a field in which people in the Apple demographic are willing to spend money. It tells us that games are still extremely popular. We would lump the travel, photo and video and food and drink categories as entertainment.

Apple users, who tend to have higher incomes than Android users, are more than willing to pay for apps that help them work out or lose weight. Notice two versions of 7 Minute Workouts in the top 25; iPhone users want better results in less time.

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