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Health Apps Failing to Protect Data: Can You See an Opportunity Here?

Android and iOS app development professionals are taking notice of a recent report in Lifehacker about health apps. According to Lifehacker, most health apps aren’t actually protecting your data. When you go to the doctor or other medical professionals, your data is protected. If you have an app that consolidates medical data from doctors’ offices, […]

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Did You Profit From a Mother’s Day App This Year?

During our time in mobile app creation and development, we have been constant in our insistence that there are three things a mobile app developer needs to do to be successful. The formula is simple: find a need, fill that need and promote effectively. Here are some apps that made great gifts for Mother’s Day. […]

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There’s Nothing Like Australia: What This App Means to You

We work hard at helping anyone interested in becoming an iOS or Android mobile app developer. One of the ways in which we do that is to provide information that we hope can inspire you towards app creation and development. We do this by showing you successful apps, explaining why they are successful and what […]

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Try These Apps to Make Your Business Run Better

In the mobile app development and creation business, we often appear to be obsessive in our desire to try every app on the market. We like to know what separates a great app from the “pack” of mediocre apps. If you use apps yourself, it gives you a better idea of what your app should […]

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Here Comes the Apple iPhone 6!

September has passed and it comes as no surprise to any mobile app developer that Apple has announced another iPhone. This year’s new model is actually two models: the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. The iPhone 6 has increased the standard 4-inch screen to 4.7 inches. The iPhone 6 Plus has a 5.5 […]

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Putting a Spotlight on the App Economy

At Smarter Apps, we have developed a reputation as elite iOS and Android app builders. We have helped many app developers become successful in the marketplace. Sometimes we forget that until July of 2008, there was no central store for Apple apps and that the first Android phone and its companion Android Market for apps […]

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Choosing the Right Mobile App Platform

If you are looking for a mobile app for your business, the process of creation and development can be daunting, to say the least. There are so many choices out there and all have convincing arguments for why they are the best strategy. Here are some considerations for choosing the right mobile app platform. Provide […]

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State of the Apps – Part 2: Surprising Apps Trends and How to Take Advantage of Them

In part one, we explained why people interested in both iOS and Android app development need to learn and to be aware of statistics, market trends and how to take advantage of them to maximise their success as an app developer. In part two, we are going to give a few more stats and then […]

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Apple Readies iPad 5 for Release, But When Will It Hit the Market?

Apple iPad app developers and builders have been waiting for definitive information on the release date for the iPad 5 ever since its existence was rumoured, shortly after the release of the iPad 4. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, who is an analyst for KGI Securities, the relative success of the Microsoft Surface tablet is forcing […]

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Thinking About Building Windows Mobile Apps?

We are Android and iOS app builders and developers, but we feel that we need to address Windows apps here, too. We get a few enquiries about Windows apps, but we aren’t currently developing them. If the demand becomes so great that we have to, we will think about it, but we currently specialise in […]

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