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The Construction industry can benefit significantly from the use of our mobile and cloud technology. We have developed a technology platform that significantly improves the project management process. Our “Live Project” cloud offers the construction industry a powerful yet simple solution to manage the workflow from admin and management to staff, contractors and even clients. Live Project allows an admin or manager to create projects via a  web interface and then deploy tasks to nominated users in real time. Task information is pushed to mobile devices with descriptions, due dates and supporting documents. Task status can be updated both the end users and admin in real time, alerts are delivered email and push notices. Project information is stored in a central location (cloud) , all nominated users will have access 24/7 from any device. Efficiency is greatly improved, important information is not lost.

Live Project Features –

Real Time Communications Platform – Manage Staff, Improve Client Relations, Collaborate – Our system creates an audit trail on the fly – times, dates & activity.

Time Tracking – Log Job Times

Staff Monitoring – Monitor staff, contractors –

Document Management & Deployment – Contracts, Manuals, Procedures, Images – pushed instantly to field staff and clients.

Asset Management and Tracking – Use QR codes & / or beacon technology to monitor & track valuable assets.

Camera To Cloud Functionality – Ideal for OHS, incident reporting, quality control & communications.

Checklist Functionality & Reporting – Create multiple reusable checklists to support tasks.

Reporting – Powerful on screen reporting for admin on projects, tasks and checklists.

Need more information? Give us a call today, you can trial our system free of charge.

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