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If you have read our blog before, you know that we have a favourite recommendation for a would-be mobile app developer asking how to get started with their own app: find a problem that a lot of people have and solve it for them. Recently, another new app that does just that has hit our shores: HotelQuickly.

HotelQuickly is a booking service based in Hong Kong. They have decided to compete with industry giant Wotif and they have decided to do it without even having a website. They plan on doing this starting with operations in Melbourne and Sydney. It is going to be solely app-based, specialising in late bookings. Irrelevant or extraneous information will be at a minimum, enabling the app to run cleanly and efficiently.

Their co-founder, Christian Mischler, is based in Sydney. He says that his app is able to offer rooms 28% cheaper than anyplace online. Mr Mischler has established an office in Sydney, with one in Melbourne slated to begin operations sometime in 2015.

Mr Mischler acknowledged that the competition with Wotif would be tough, especially since they were purchased Expedia at a price of $703 million. However, he believes that the last-minute discount market in Australia is underserved, leaving a nice market share available for his app.

Mr Mischler believes that no website is necessary because 70% of Australians have smartphones and travellers are more likely to use a smartphone than a computer.

What This Means to You

Whether you want to be an iOS or Android app developer, the idea is still the same: find a need and fill it. HotelQuickly is interesting because it chose to compete with with a huge, successful company.

We actually like Mr Mischler’s strategy. Instead of being afraid to compete with a large company, he is choosing to take advantage of the market that they have already created and offer something better or with a different angle.

You can do the same thing. Call 1300 650 253 to learn more.

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