Google’s New Office Apps Giving Microsoft a Run for their Money

It is one of the biggest pieces of advice we give to prospective Android or iOS app developers: find a problem that a lot of people have and create an app to solve it. Google has done just that with its new standalone office apps for documents, presentations and spreadsheets. This is on the heels of the recent release of Microsoft’s Office suite, which it designed for iPad.

This suite of apps is compatible with both Android 4.0 and iOS 7. Unlike the Microsoft apps, the Google apps are free. For now, Sheets and Docs are available for Android and iOS mobile devices, with Slides soon to be released.

Before, users who wanted to edit or otherwise work with their Google documents had to do so through Google Drive. The new apps will allow users to work with their Google documents while offline and integrate them online when they have time. This will allow, for example, someone who comes up with an idea that is important to their work to jot down the particulars and start working on it even with no Internet connection.

Critics of the apps say that they only offer “basic capabilities,” but they do allow the user to work independently of Google Drive and add the documents to their drive later. A representative for Google recently said that Google will be asking users what additions they would like to the next version of the apps, and that soon the apps will be mandatory to any user who wants to do more than view or manage files from their mobile device.

Market Ramifications

For those who use these apps, it provides a free solution to their writing and editing needs, allowing users to bypass Microsoft and its popular suite, which requires a paid subscription.

For both iOS and Android app developers, the apps represent minimal opportunity, but they do set an example: they are solving a problem that a large number of people have. Can you think of a standalone solution to those who want word processing on their mobile devices? Can you solve a problem that a lot of people are complaining about?

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