Could Meditation Apps be Your Niche?

One of the most important aspects of mobile app development is having the right niche. We have stated many times that the best way to develop a mobile app is to find a niche, find a problem that people in that niche have and solve it for them. Though the “problems” may seem trivial to someone outside of the niche, that is exactly what is happening with meditation apps.

If you meditate or try to on a regular basis, there are some immediate problems that could come to mind. If you are serious enough about mobile app development and about your niche to be in discussion groups about meditation, you might find a great set of “problems” that you could help solve in the form of comments and questions.

Examples of Comments and Questions that Could Turn into Great App Ideas

  • I want to meditate regularly but I can’t get on a consistent schedule.
  • I want to meditate but I don’t know how.
  • I would really like some guided meditations about (fill in the problem).
  • I wish I had a portable meditation timer that would wake me up gently.
  • I wish I knew some different meditation techniques: I’m getting bored with mine.

While none of this is really necessary for most people who have cultivated meditation as a daily habit, all of them could help turn a “rookie” into someone who meditates every day.

Here are two examples of meditation apps.

Buddhify: iOS/Android ($7.99)

Buddhify has recorded guided meditations for different purposes. Most promote mindfulness, a Buddhist core concept. Examples are one for mindful eating and confronting negativity.

Headspace: iOS/Android (10 Free Sessions, $19.99 per month paid subscription for other content.) Headspace starts with ten guided meditations that are to be performed in order. Paid content includes “packs” of 10 to 30 meditations for individual issues such as self-esteem or anxiety.

What They Mean to You

If you meditate and are into the human development or self help niches, this may be a great niche for you. If you have an idea you would like to explore for an app, go to the navigation bar on top and click “contact us.”