Caution: These Apps can Turn Human Development into a Habit

One of the best ways to succeed in the app development profession is to help other people with their problems. More specifically, solve a problem in a niche where people will pay you to help solve that problem. One of the fields that is the best at doing this is the human development or “self-help” field.

Human development apps help us be better versions of ourselves. Here are some great examples of simple apps that make a difference in people’s lives.


The principle of momentum in human development means that you succeed in doing something every day, even if it’s something small. Repeated success develops momentum towards more success.

The Momentum app is an iOS app that helps you build momentum around success habits encouraging yourself to continue and expand those habits. It allows you to set up simple reminders and notes or you can set up interactive notifications.


HabitBull is available on both Android and iOS. It is a more complicated app for those who like statistics and charts. It can help you manage up to 100 habits at a time. It can be set to give you notifications at crucial times to keep you on track.


Habitica makes goal-setting like playing a video game. This can help motivate those who like to play video games to create and achieve goals. It is available on both iOS and Android.


Goalify is available on iOS and Android. It is also a bit like a game, but is a bit like all of the above apps rolled into one. It allows you to manage anything from daily habits to long-term goals. It can create a lot of statistics and reports for you, too.

It has four categories for work: Limit, Avoid, Flex and Task. The app is free but offers a subscription for advanced use.


Productive is an iOS app that helps you stay on a “streak,” similar to Momentum. We like this app because it is simple on the surface with an attractive display that will make you want to open it just to look at it. It tells you how well you are doing on a number of tasks.

You can split tasks up morning, afternoon and evening. If you haven’t completed a task, it will give you a gentle reminder. It can be integrated into your Apple Watch, too.

What it Means to You

There are a lot of elements of app development success in these apps, but there are two that are really important. The first takes advantage of something industry professionals all know but people new to the profession may not: people are much more likely to use their app long-term if you can get them to visit it every day. These apps all make everyday visits a must.

The second element: they reward your ego every time you do something right. This is most often seen in games. It is a great way to make people love an app. An old adage states, “flattery will get you nowhere.” Sorry, but when it comes to app development, flattery will get you everywhere.

We think all of these apps are very good apps, but we think Productive is a great app. We mentioned how much we like the appearance of the display. We also mentioned that it is simple on the surface, but allows you to do a lot of different things within the app.

Generally, any good self-help or human development app that is marketed correctly is going to make money for the developer. It’s as we have said all along: find a niche and find a problem that everyone has. Then solve it for them.

Being organised for self-improvement is a problem a lot of people have. So, how can you find your niche and make your mark?

There are literally hundreds of different self-improvement niches. We recommend finding one that you already know something about and have passion for, but that isn’t really necessary as long as you can come up with a great idea.

If you’re ready to talk about an app, use the contact page and we will get back to you ASAP.