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Apps the Popular Choice for Mobile Internet Users

While many in the industry felt that HTML5 mobile website use will overtake the use of native apps, it hasn’t happened as they predicted. Instead, on the strength of apps like Facebook and game apps. Research from analytics company Flurry shows that the opposite has happened, at least in the US; mobile users average 22 […]

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Google Keyboard App Ruffles Feathers with Personalisation Option

Recently, Google updated their keyboard app to version 3.0 and an “improvement” that Google says was meant to make typing easier has a lot of users up in arms. That improvement is called “personalisation.” Though most improvements are minor tweaks, personalisation has a much higher profile than originally intended. Then again, the perception of Google’s […]

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Effectively Manage Your Finances with Free Google App Called Mint

We talked about Mint briefly in our Best Windows Apps blog piece, but we feel that Mint is such a great app that it is worthy of expanded coverage. Mint is a free app that is available for Apple iOS tablets and smartphones, Android tablets and smartphones, and all Windows 8 devices: phones, tablets, laptops […]

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How Does Google’s New KitKat System Measure Up?

Whenever Android creates another operating system, food lovers everywhere lick their lips in anticipation to see what it will be called. Google’s new Android operating system, named KitKat, didn’t disappoint candy lovers, nor does it disappoint those who want more speed out of their smartphones. KitKat is leaner, sleeker and faster than previous Android operating […]

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Google Updates App Developer Rules for Android Apps: What You Need to Know

Recently, Google made major updates in the rules that all Android app developers must follow if they want to see their products sold on Google Play. If there’s one thing the Panda and Penguin updates have shown the public, it’s that Google takes it very seriously when someone tries to game their system. Google is […]

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Is it Really Cost Effective to Build a Mobile App?

There has been some debate on whether an app is more cost-effective than simply optimising a mobile website for mobile use. Unfortunately the disparity of app development pricing used in industry-wide estimates has turned most of the “research” into something vaguely resembling alphabet soup: the letters and numbers are there, but they aren’t a coherent […]

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Google Nexus 7 Tablet Released

The biggest news this week is the announcement by Google that they have created the Nexus 7 Tablet, which will be available for $199 by July 4, in the Google Play market.  The tablet will ship sometime in the middle of July. The Nexus 7, built by Asus, is a seven-inch tablet, and is designed […]

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