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Pokemon Go Takes Australia by Storm

If you are a mobile app developer or you want to be one, you have probably noticed that one app has taken over not only Australia, but the rest of the world by storm: Pokemon Go. In Australia, New Zealand and the US, Pokemon Go immediately became the most-downloaded and top-grossing app. The Mechanics of […]

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Could Meditation Apps be Your Niche?

One of the most important aspects of mobile app development is having the right niche. We have stated many times that the best way to develop a mobile app is to find a niche, find a problem that people in that niche have and solve it for them. Though the “problems” may seem trivial to […]

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Apple is Practically Begging for Health Apps

If you are in the app creation or app development field and you are remotely interested in health, pay close attention to this blog post. Apple wants health apps so badly that they have created a platform to help people create them. The platform is called CareKit. Apple wants app developers to use CareKit to […]

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Android App, iOS App or Both: Which is Best for You?

This may be the most common question in the mobile app development field: “Should I create an Android App, an iOS app or do both?” While we think both is the best way to go, there really isn’t a “one size fits all” answer here because everyone has a different set of circumstances. If you […]

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Are Mobile Health Apps the Next Big Wave in Mobile App Development

Apple is teaming with mobile app development professionals and prestigious medical schools to produce apps for, as of this writing, eight different medical conditions. These apps are being built on an open source Apple framework called “ResearchKit.” In their first six months, ResearchKit had more than 100,000 users. So far, the apps are a “win-win” […]

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Maximise Your App’s Exposure with the Help of Bloggers

If you are a mobile app developer who is using social media to promote your app, you are off to a good start. Facebook, for example, can provide laser-accurate targeting and promote your app to the demographics who are the most likely to use it. But you need more than that to maximise exposure and […]

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How Mobile App Development has Made Traveling Easier

The field of mobile app development has made many of the processes associated with traveling a lot easier than they used to be. The power and convenience of smartphones has revolutionised travel, especially business travel. Thanks to smartphones, travel, hospitality and logistics have become much more simple than they used to be. Here are five […]

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Looking at the New Apple Maps: Is it Finally Good Enough for Australia?

Whether you are in the app creation and development field or you are just a consumer with an iPhone who wanted a decent map app, you probably know how much of a fiasco the 2012 version of Apple Maps was. We would like to give you a recap of what was wrong with the 2012 […]

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12.9 Inch Apple iPad Pro Appears to be on the Horizon

Most people in the mobile app creation and development profession know that we can usually expect Apple to come out with a new version of the iPhone and iPad every year. Apple doesn’t really make any attempt to hide it. We can also depend on “leaks” to happen every year. Whether or not you believe […]

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Did You Profit From a Mother’s Day App This Year?

During our time in mobile app creation and development, we have been constant in our insistence that there are three things a mobile app developer needs to do to be successful. The formula is simple: find a need, fill that need and promote effectively. Here are some apps that made great gifts for Mother’s Day. […]

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