Health Apps Failing to Protect Data: Can You See an Opportunity Here?

Android and iOS app development professionals are taking notice of a recent report in Lifehacker about health apps. According to Lifehacker, most health apps aren’t actually protecting your data. When you go to the doctor or other medical professionals, your data is protected. If you have an app that consolidates medical data from doctors’ offices,[…]

Main Takeaways of Australia Mobile Broadband Market Services and Apps Report 2016

If you are a mobile app developer or want to be one, one of the most important tools that comes out every year is the Australia Mobile Broadband Market Services and Apps Report. This report gives people in the mobile app development or app creation field a great “heads up” for the coming year. If[…]

Mobile Apps – Branding & Engagement

For years, the story of mobile apps and brands has been hopeful—a love affair showing massive potential to boost a company’s bottom line. But like many relationships, growing pains exist, and in this case, we’ve seen the implications to both consumers and brands. When apps were first launched, consumers were enthralled by the ease of[…]

Mobile App Strategies Boost Revenues for Small Business Owners

Global mobile traffic now represents roughly 60 percent of internet traffic, making mobile apps a must-have for businesses. But consumers today increasingly expect an “Amazon-like experience” online. Small businesses don’t just need to build a mobile app, they need to build a great one. While most giant corporations have already adopted a solid mobile strategy,[…]