Apps the Popular Choice for Mobile Internet Users

While many in the industry felt that HTML5 mobile website use will overtake the use of native apps, it hasn’t happened as they predicted. Instead, on the strength of apps like Facebook and game apps.

Research from analytics company Flurry shows that the opposite has happened, at least in the US; mobile users average 22 minutes a day on mobile websites, down from 31 at the same time last year. This represents a 29% decrease, even though users are spending six more minutes on their phones every day.

Meanwhile, app usage has increased to two hours and nineteen minutes or 86% of daily usage from two hours and six minutes or 80% from a year earlier.

US results are very relevant to both iOS and Android app developers because the US has had 4G service for most of its population over the last two years. This indicates that speed is not an obstacle to mobile web apps.

Flurry’s data was collected from an undisclosed number of cellphones, estimated as “millions.” In a finding that is extremely important to app developers, smartphone users spent 32% of their app time on games, with Facebook accounting for 17%. 11% was for Twitter and 4% YouTube, with 3% of app use being for news apps.

The staff at Flurry was surprised that Google and Facebook only combined for 25% of time spent online the average US mobile consumer. In addition, the top ten entities combined only accounted for 40% of online time. This is despite a massive, combined effort Facebook and Google to dominate and consolidate mobile web time.

However, Google still has one ace in the hole: mobile advertising revenue. Helped its properties such as YouTube, Google receives 49% of revenue spent for mobile Internet advertising.

What It Means to App Developers

As we have mentioned here before, apps use is increasing. This represents great opportunity for those with the wherewithal to develop a good app.

So, what apps seem to be doing the best, not counting the Google/Facebook/YouTube monolith? Games are number one, while social media apps and apps that solve a problem are close behind.

If you have a great idea and want to “cash in” creating an app, call us today.

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